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Policies and Procedures


Overnight Boarding is charged by night, with check-in/check-out during our regular opening hours.
Check-in/check-out outside of our opening hours are subject to additional fees.
Visit the Contact Us page for hours.


We require full payment within 48 hours of booking confirmation. Bookings that are not paid within this time frame will be automatic cancelled.

Changes or cancellations with at least 5 days notice may be refunded or added as credit, less applicable fees.

The base booking cost, including HST, is non-refundable for any changes occurring within 5 days following notification. The remaining booking cost, less services rendered and applicable fees, may be refunded or added as a credit.

Services that have already been provided are non-refundable.

The 5 day threshold increases to 10 for days that fall on provincial or federal Statutory holiday weekends, the two week Christmas break, and the one week March break.

Changes or cancellations initiated by WAGS may by fully refunded or added as credit.

If you have any questions in regards to this policy please feel free to Contact Us.


Refunds are subject to an administration fee of $10. Credit card refunds are subject to an additional fee of 5% of the refunded amount. This is to cover the fees incurred by WAGS to process the initial transaction. Refunds due to changes or cancellations initiated by WAGS are not subject to these fees.


If a medical emergency arises with any of our guests while at WAGS, we will attempt to contact you or your emergency contact to discuss any course of action. If you are unavailable, we will call the local on-call vet. You are responsible for all costs incurred for these visits.


Your emergency contact MUST be able to come pick up your dog in case of illness or injury. Please keep this information up to date. If your dog becomes sick we may not be in a position to care for it, and it may be necessary for your dog to be picked up.


Medications can be given for an extra charge.  Please make sure the medication is clearly labelled with instructions, and there is enough for your dog’s stay plus one week. Unless your dog gets their medication on their food, please provide a way for them to be administered, such as Pill Pockets.


At WAGS every dog and cat is fed it’s own food brought from home, and enough for the stay plus a couple days extra must be provided. Many other kennels feed their own in-house food to their boarding dogs, but we feel it is important to keep dogs and cats on their own regular diets. Switching foods suddenly and for relatively short periods of time, combined with the stress of being away from home, frequently causes gastrointestinal problems.

You are welcome to bring anything you thing might make your dog’s stay more comfortable. This includes things like beds, blankets, or toys. We also offer extras such as stuffed kongs, lick mats, extra one-on-one time and forest walks to enhance your dog’s stay.

Machine washable toys and blankets from home are welcome, but we are not responsible for chewed or damaged bedding or toys that accompany your pets. No rawhide is permitted.

No dishes or bowls are needed – we have all the necessities that are washed and sterilized after every use. An item with your scent on it (for example pillowcases) may also help to comfort a homesick guest!